Internet Freelancing

By: Oleg Rudavin

Categories: Freelancing, Translation

My book deals with freelancing as a method of conducting business. I made it as practical and useful for freelance translators as possible, trying to describe freelance translation as a comprehensive and systematized structure. For me, it was a pleasant surprise that even at the preparation stage, the future book became quite popular with illustrators, programmers and DTP people - specialists with freelance professions!

The book won't give you names or emails of potential clients; nor will it deal with language-specific linguistic issues.
Instead, even translators with years of freelance experience will learn a lot from it, and beginners will find answers to most of the questions they ask themselves.

The book will tell you:
what kind of people are best suitable for freelancing;
how a successful freelancing translator career develops;
what an Internet freelancing translator should start with;
what clients like and what they really don't;
how to bargain for higher rates;
how to avoid mistakes that might lead to problems;
how and where to search for clients;

Freelancing is a puzzle that we have to make without seeing the general picture. The book will give you the missing pieces and help to create your own picture - hopefully, the most beautiful of all!