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  • 1 - Directories

    Looking for new clients? members are meeting them.

    Finding your directory ranking:

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  • 2 - What is the directory?

    The directory is a searchable database of translators, interpreters and companies that are registered at This directory is the most popular in the translation industry, and represents the primary means that outsourcers use to find translators and interpreters at See:

  • 3 - Why don't I show up in the appropriate directory?

    If you are a freelancer who doesn't show up in the freelancer directory, or if you represent a company that doesn't show up in the Company directory, your account type may be set incorrectly in your profile.

    To correct this, go to the Edit personal data page from your profile. Set your account type to "Company" or "Freelancer", as appropriate.

  • 4 - Is the directory important to me if I want to meet clients?

    The directory is the leading source of new clients for translators at, and in the translation industry as a whole. While there may be good reason to make a job posting, experienced clients often have a very good idea of the skills, experience and credentials they are looking for in a translator or interpreter, and therefore choose to contac a small number of translators directly, via the directory and profile pages. This allows them to skip the tender phase of a project.

    If meeting clients is among your objectives at, make sure that your profile is complete so that your directory entry is also complete -- with detailed fields of expertise entered!--and that your profile contains a representative tagline. It is also strongly suggested that you use your real name.

  • 5 - How is placement in the Translators and interpreters directory determined?

    When a client searches the directory for a translator or interpreter, s/he is presented with two sets of results: the first set consists of (paying) members, and the second set consists of non-paying registrants.

    By default, each set of results is ordered by KudoZ points, with the members with higher KudoZ point totals (in the language pair and field searched) placed closer to the top. Members with no KudoZ points are ordered below these, by date of registration.

    The default view is not necessarily the view that client will use. Clients are given the option of further filtering and sorting directory results, using such criteria as credentials earned, native languages, years of experience, tools available, geographical location and more.

    You can find out what is your position in the directory from the "My directory ranking" page

    Note: Partial community members are not listed as paying members in the directory as the benefits for this membership type do not include job-related benefits.

  • 6 - Will Plus subscribers have advantages in the directory over members who choose the Standard package?

    No, a member will still be a member; there will be no change in directory positioning resulting from the introduction of service package options.

  • 7 - I notice that the number of KudoZ points I earned is different from the one shown in the directory. Why?

    Please note that the KudoZ points shown in the directory will depend on the language combination and field entered in the search criteria. For example if you have a total of 12 points in English to Czech but you got 8 in IT and 4 in Electronics you will be listed as having only 8 points in a directory search looking for translators in English to Czech in the IT field. The same applies to the language combination i.e. if you obtained 12 points in IT but 8 were English to Czech and 4 in Czech to English, the number of points shown in the directory for a given field will depend on the language combination entered in the search.

  • 8 - How can I move up in the directory?

    When a client searches the directory, results come in two sets. The first set is made up of (paying) members; the second set is made up of non-paying registrants.

    Each set is ranked by KudoZ points (in the language pair and field searched ), browniz points and registration date (earliest first). Because about half of all site users have no points, earning even a few KudoZ points can significantly boost your standing in the directory.

    To maximize your client exposure become a site member, be sure to report your credentials, the CAT tools you use, and other factors. Having a tagline that reflects your specialty (like "25 years of medical translations") rather than a general one (like "high quality") is also very important.

    For more information about improving your listing in the freelancer directory, see this article.

  • 9 - How can I hide my "online today" indicator in the directory?

    Indication of whether a member has been online today is shown in each member's directory listing. If you do not want this information to be shown in your directory listing, you can hide it from this page. On that page, click "hide" next to " Online Status". This will also hide your messaging indicator, which shows if you have been online in the past several minutes.

  • 10 - Why am I not appearing and/or found in the directory?

    To appear in the directory, you must enter at least one language pair and at least one area of specialization. If you have done that, you are in there! Search for your language and specialization, and then page through the results.

    Note that only members appear in the first result set. To find those who have not paid for membership, you must first click on the "non members" title. Also be sure you are searching for freelancers or companies, as appropriate. Lastly, please know that if you are a freelancer and you have multiple language pairs in your profile, the directory will only show your first 8 language pairs that are listed in your profile (starting from top to bottom).

  • 11 - Will I be listed in the directory for all the language pairs I declared?

    No. There is a limit to the number of language pairs taken into account for the directory. Full members are listed for their top 8 language pairs, and non-members are listed for their top 3 language pairs.

    If you would like to change the order of the language pairs reported in your profile, go to the "Languages" section of your Profile Updater, click and drag each pair to the position you would like them to appear in your profile and click on "Save current order" to save the order selected. Don't forget to click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save the changes applied.

  • 12 - Can I save/download directory search results?

    Yes. You can save Advanced directory search results by checking the box to select all vendors and then clicking on More... in the upper menu. A window will pop-up allowing you to save results in a TPX file or save quotes or contact information in an Excel file.

  • 13 - I need to conduct a search in a language that is not part of the languages list. What can I do?

    The Advanced directory provides the option to search in the most common languages and also the option to conduct a search in under-represented languages.

    To search service providers or outsourcers in languages that may fall under the under-represented category, just visit the Advanced directory and click on "Show more languages" in the 'Languages section". A list of less common languages will display allowing you to select under-represented languages for your search.

    If the language you are looking for is not listed in that section, then submit a support request suggesting the addition of that language to the list of available languages. Just have in mind that languages are generally added based on the ISO (International Standards Organization) 3-letter coding system.

  • 14 - How is placement in the Translation agencies & companies directory determined?

    By default, results are ordered as per the following parameters: membership (business members show first based on membership level - enterprise, plus and standard), LWA (Blue Board) rate and number of identified employees.

  • 14.1 - Why doesn't my new company profile appear in the Translation agencies & companies directory?

    The company directory is updated once each night. New businesses should appear in the Translation agencies & companies directory directory within 24 hours.

  • 14.2 - Why didn't my position in the Translation agencies & companies directory directory change right after I bought membership or updated my information?

    The order in which businesses appear in the directory is updated once each night. Changes should take effect within 24 hours.

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  • 15 - Interpreter world map

  • 15.1 - What is the Interpreter World Map?

    The Interpreter World Map is a tool that clients can use to locate interpreters by language pair, field and geographical location. Interpreters are shown by graphical representation on a world map.

  • 15.2 - Why don't I see myself on the Interpreter World Map?

    In order to be shown on the Interpreter World Map, you must live in the country being searched, have interpreting listed as a service you provide in the language pair being searched, and have added your location to the map.

  • 15.3 - The Interpreter World Map does not load correctly. Why?

    If the map that is inserted in the Interpreter World Map is not loading correctly or does not load at all this may relate to the fact that Google Maps is not compatible with all browsers. Try searching the Interpreter World Map directory using Mozilla/Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above, Safari or Opera.

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  • 16 - Translator organizations database

  • 16.1 - What is the organizations database? encourages its members to consider joining translator groups in their areas. The organizations database is a user-built database of such groups, with associated details and contact information.

  • 16.2 - My organization is not listed in the organizations database. How can I get it added?

    If you are a member of a translator group that is not listed, you may requst that the group be added by sending contact details, links and other information related to the organization to via a support request.

  • 16.3 - What is the process for getting my organization removed from the database?

    If you are a board member of an organization listed in the database, and for some reason prefer that details related to your organization not be provided to members, it is possible to request exclusion from certain functionality. Specifically, you may request that no information be provided about your organization, and that no special means be provided for members to indicate membership in your organization in their profiles.

    Organizations wishing to opt out in this way should send a written request for "explicit exclusion from the organizations database", signed by an authorized representative of the organization, to, 9405 Carousel Center, Syracuse, New York, USA, 13290.

    Note that the names of organizations which have opted out will be shown (names only). This is necessary in order to head off requests by members that the organization be added.

  • 16.4 - The information in a record is outdated. How can I request an update?

    If you have access to new information for a record, please contact site staff by clicking on the support link provided at the bottom of the record page or else by manually creating and submitting a support request here. Make sure you provide any new information you may have so that support staff can update the record accordingly.

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