Translation and Interpretation: Volume 1

By: Marcia Pinheiro

Categories: Interpreting, Translation

This book brings unique information, knowledge, and insight. It is a great tool to introduce topics and teach important points to future or current professional translators and interpreters.

  • Chapter 1: What is Translation and Interpreting?
  • Chapter 2: Automated Rendering and the Future of the Professions Translator and Interpreter
  • Chapter 3: Professional and Formal Translation
  • Chapter 4: Professional and Formal Interpretation
  • Chapter 5: Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting
  • Chapter 6: What can, and usually will, go wrong?
  • Chapter 7: Some Hints (Translators)
  • Chapter 8: Some Hints (Interpreters)
  • Chapter 9: A Very Important Article
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