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First ProZ.com Translation Contest 2007

English to Greek


Source text:

When she moved into his tiny house in Stroud, and took charge of his four small children, Mother was thirty and still quite handsome. She had not, I suppose, met anyone like him before. This rather priggish young man, with his devout gentility, his airs and manners, his music and ambitions, his charm, bright talk, and undeniable good looks, overwhelmed her as soon as she saw him. So she fell in love with him immediately, and remained in love for ever. And herself being comely, sensitive, and adoring, she attracted my father also. And so he married her. And so later he left her - with his children and some more of her own.

When he'd gone, she brought us to the village and waited. She waited for thirty years. I don't think she ever knew what had made him desert her, though the reasons seemed clear enough. She was too honest, too natural for this frightened man; too remote from his tidy laws. She was, after all, a country girl; disordered, hysterical, loving. She was muddled and mischievous as a chimney-jackdaw, she made her nest of rags and jewels, was happy in the sunlight, squawked loudly at danger, pried and was insatiably curious, forgot when to eat or ate all day, and sang when sunsets were red. She lived by the easy laws of the hedgerow, loved the world, and made no plans, had a quick holy eye for natural wonders and couldn't have kept a neat house for her life. What my father wished for was something quite different, something she could never give him - the protective order of an unimpeachable suburbia, which was what he got in the end.

The three or four years Mother spent with my father she fed on for the rest of her life. Her happiness at that time was something she guarded as though it must ensure his eventual return. She would talk about it almost in awe, not that it had ceased but that it had happened at all.

Entry #208 - Points: 6 - WINNER!
Maria Messini
Όταν μετακόμισε στο μικρό σπιτάκι του στο Στράουντ και ανέλαβε τα τέσσερα μικρά παιδιά του, η Μητέρα ήταν στα τριάντα και ακόμα αρκετά όμορφη. Υποθέτω πως δεν θα είχε γνωρίσει κανέναν άλλον σαν κι εκείνον. Αυτός ο μάλλον φαντασμένος νεαρός, με τον απαρέγκλιτο καθωσπρεπισμό, Show full text

Entry #204 - Points: 3
Η Μάνα ήταν τριάντα χρονών και ακόμα πολύ όμορφη όταν εγκαταστάθηκε στο σπιτάκι του στο Στράουντ και ανέλαβε τα τέσσερα παιδάκια του. Πιστεύω πως δεν είχε ξαναδεί άνθρωπο σαν κι αυτόν μέχρι τότε. Αυτός ο ακριβολόγος νέος, με την ειλικρινή του καλοσύνη, τον αέρα του και τους τρόπους Show full text

Entry #206 - Points: 1

Όταν πήγε στο μικρό της σπίτι στο Στρούντ και ανέλαβε τη φροντίδα των τεσσάρων μικρών παιδιών της, η Μητέρα ήταν γύρω στα 30 και αρκετά όμορφη ακόμα. Ως τότε, δεν είχε γνωρίσει, υποθέτω, κανέναν άντρα σαν εκείνον. Ο σεμνότυφος αυτός νέος, με την ειλικρινή και εκλεπτεισμένη ευγένεια, Show full text

Entry #200 - Points: 0
María Florencia Vita
Dear members,

I am very happy to announce that mmessini has won the English into Greek section of ProZ.com first translation contest.

A total of 4 translations were received for this language pair. The ones that received at least 2 votes are shown below, including the name of the poster, and the amount of votes and the comments received by each of these entries.

The general results were:

Entry #210 - Points: 0
Ioanna Karamanou
Όταν μετακόμισε στο μικρό σπιτάκι του στο Στρούντ και ανέλαβε τα τέσσερα τα μικρά παιδιά του, η Μητέρα ήταν τριάντα χρονών και ακόμα αρκετά όμορφη. Υποθέτω πως δεν είχε ξανασυναντήσει κανέναν σαν κι αυτόν. Αυτός ο κάπως ηθικολογικός νεαρός, με την ευλαβής αριστοκρατικότητα Show full text

Feedback - First ProZ.com Translation Contest 2007
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